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Let’s be clear! That's it. That's the whole idea here. We want your skin to be clear, so we merged tech with skincare to bring you a suite of high-performance zit-hating products. Beyond products, we want to destigmatize breakouts. What does that mean? Open, frank conversations about breakouts. Not sidestepping or shrouding the topic of zits. Cultivating a community in which people can lean on each other for advice about breakouts and breakout-related things.

Back to products, though. This is our *process*

  • Research + Development
    Drawing on our shortcomings with other products, and the non-negotiable things we want from our own, we research, develop, trial and test products to serve the modern acne owner.

  • Innovative Manufacturers
    Between Korea and the U.S., we work with factories that can translate our vision for innovation and efficacy into high performance tech-meets-skincare products.

  • Spreading the message...
    the message being that we exist. In a bid to clear as many zits as possible globally, we've partnered with a bunch of retailers to help us get ZitSticka into your hands.
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