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Cinderella Feet Treatment Package


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It's about time you treat your feet and get ready for flip-flop season! I created a special pampering package for you, the new Cinderella Feet Treatment combines Patchology's Posh Peel Pedicure and Best Foot Forward Booties!

Professional tip: soak the feet for 10-15 minutes in warm water before applying the Posh Peel.

First use the Posh Peel Pedicur set and be patient, it migth take up to a week before the skin starts to shed, do not peel, allow it to shed naturally. Cotton socks are recommended.

After the peeling stopped, use the Best Foot Forward booties and kick your feet up in this softening heel and foot mask! Let the layers of nourishing and calming ingredients do the magic! There is so much moisturizer in the booties, you can use them two days in a row!

In just a few minutes the shea butter, coconut oil and japanese evergreen extracts will make your feet and heels feel baby-soft, smooth, and rejuvenated!

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