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Dazzle Dry The Self Love Collection Mini Flight


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Confident: Full Coverage Shimmer, Deep metallic candy apple red.

Decadent: Full Coverage Crème, Deep chocolate milk brown.

Poised: Semi-sheer Iridescent, Stark white with subtle pink iridescent shimmer.

Bold: Full Coverage Shimmer, Dark gunmetal gray/black.

Revive: Our signature formula for restoring the consistency of Dazzle Dry top coat and nail lacquers that have become thick from the natural evaporation of solvents.

Mini Mattify: A quick-drying, non-yellowing top coat that protects nails with a matte finish. Can be used with natural and acrylic nails.

To Use: If Top Coat or Nail Lacquer is thick add 6-8 drops of Revive.  Add more if necessary. Do NOT add Revive to Base Coat as it will ruin the product.

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