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Essential Dry Brush - Conscious Coconut

The Conscious Coconut "Essential Dry Brush" includes a sustainable travel bag, and a How-To Dry Brush guide with step by step instructions to achieve the best results through this practice of self love.

Dry brushing is an essential (and energizing) step for your skincare routine. It's like a juice cleanse for your body. Made from all natural bamboo and sisal, this vegan dry brush gently exfoliates dead skin to leave your skin looking radiant, rejuvenated, and glowing.

Dry brushing is a ancient Ayurvedic beauty ritual that can be done at home. A wonderful act of self care that can take just a few minutes in the morning before you shower. The brush that I recommend is a vegan dry brush and made from all natural bamboo and sisal.

Dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system of our bodies and as we age it gets stagnant so this helps to basically take out the trash in our bodies! Your skin will look radiant, rejuvenated and positively glowing due to increased circulation, releasing the toxins and gently slough off the dead skin.

What are the benefits of Dry brushing:

Increase circulation which makes for healthy glowing skin
Detoxifies the skin by stimulating the body’s lymphatic system
Cell regeneration due to increased circulation
Stimulates collagen production
Increases elasticity
Stimulates the nervous system which makes you feel invigorated
Helps with ingrown hairs
Possibly helps with cellulite

How to Dry Brush:

You want to start at the bottom of your feet and then brush up the leg towards the heart, your strokes should be quick and light and stroke upwards, you do not want to press into the skin as the lymphatic system just needs a light touch. Once you get to the stomach you work in a clock wise pattern to mimic the direction of digestion. Gently brush the chest and neck downwards towards the heart. Do not dry brush your face as this is where you can use your hands or your gua sha tools.

Should not take you any longer than 3-5 mins. Shower after dry brushing will help get rid of the dead skin cells after your shower apply Roccoco Botanical CPR cream for anti aging, hydration for 72 hours!!! Dry brushing can be done 1-3 times a week.

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