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Mother’s Day Custom Dark Chocolate Toffee Boxes


Since the inception of B. toffee it has created quite a stir in the candy confection world. With a core audience, strong following and ever growing customer base it has turned a passion into a profitable business.

Today, B. toffee is growing nationwide, with premiere placement at the country’s most noted gourmet markets and specialty stores. B. toffee is recognized as a superior quality product with its sophisticated, sleek packaging being described as a “crunchy perfection of sweetness” and has also taken a bite out of the corporate, and party favor market.

Most recently B. toffee received top GOLD honors for “Top Toffee” and “Best Packaging” by the Taste Awards in San Francisco, CA. Also awarded the “Official Toffee” at The Golden Foodie Awards-the highest Culinary Foodie Awards in Orange County, CA.

B. toffee is a sweet and luxurious gesture from our house to yours.


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