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Tips for Caring for Your Décolleté

Tips for Caring for Your Décolleté

Did you know that your décolleté is often one of the first body parts to show signs of aging? Like our necks, it has thinner skin, less oil and fat glands, and a lack of collagen and elastin. This means this area is more prone to the signs of aging, like fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation. Plus, like the neck, the décolleté tends to lose elasticity more quickly as we get older as this skin is so much more fragile and delicate. I believe that most of us forget to include the neck and décolleté into our skin care ritual because we concentrate on our faces.

Environmental Factors

Environmental factors also play a role in aging the skin on our décolleté. These areas are often left exposed to the sun without any protection. Sleeping on our sides can cause fine lines and wrinkles from the pressure of our breasts. Since the décolleté does not have the amount of collagen and elastin that it once did, it doesn’t spring back as we age. We are left with those permanent fine lines and wrinkles from the pressure of our breasts on the other side.

Start Your Décolleté Routine

Prevention is always key, so it's important to start incorporating your décolleté into your skincare ritual. Begin with a gentle cleanser, using warm water instead of hot water.

Here are my recommendations for cleanser:

Essences and Serums

Next, continue with the same steps you use on your face, including an essence or serum for hydration. My essence recommendations are to use Mist Me by Hale & Hush especially if you want to add mood enhancement. My other favorite is the Hydrating Treatment Essence by Roccoco Botanicals.

The AnteAGE duos are a fabulous way to give your décolleté a lot of skin loving ingredients in two simple steps…or cocktail the two together for an easy-peasy one and done serum. You can use either the Pro or MD system, as you can’t go wrong with either. The MD version has twice as many growth factors. Check out the two AnteAGE duo options here:


I personally love to add a little extra vitamin C to reduce pigmentation. I recommend the AnteAGE Brightener. That also can be cocktailed together with the duo or layered after the Serum and before the Accelerator.

Moisturizer and SPF

If you feel you need a moisturizer, you can use the same one you use on your face. I do like the feel of the Vital Lipid Lotion by Hale & Hush. Be sure to apply your SPF into your décolleté before dressing in the AM to protect your skin from sun damage. It’s easy to forget after you dress so make it a habit to hit this area, along with your neck.

My favorite SPFs are:

Revolutionary Mask

Bel Mondo Beauty has just released their revolutionary brilliant mask for the décolleté. Created for oncology patients with compromised skin, this mask can soothe and restore the décolleté from the redness, itching and extreme dryness of radiation dermatitis. But, with its bio cellulose fabric and lovely ingredients like ceramides, antioxidants, and peptides, it can be used by anyone wanting to restore their décolleté. I highly recommend this mask to be used once per week. My clients are already raving over how smooth their skin feels, how it has plumped up their wrinkles, and taken away the redness.

Making your décolleté a part of your regular skincare routine can help your skin look youthful and radiant from the chest up!