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Why Use a Skin Care Coach?

I have found when I want to get something done the right way, I hire an expert. When I want to get in shape, I hire a personal trainer. If I need to lose weight, I see a nutritionist.

You want to get to your skincare goals? You use a Skin Care coach to get you to those goals. I help you to get to those goals. I help you to get to those goals quicker without wasting time and money. You send me photos of your skin, without makeup or filters, getting in close so I can see your skin and neck. You send me photos of all skin care products you are currently using, make up also. If working on acne, hair product photos are needed as well. You tell me your age, medical history and medications, allergies. Tell me about previous TX, Botox, fillers, lasers, peels, etc. Tell me your skin care goals.

I make my recommendations and you purchase the products, devices through my website. We have facetime chats, if necessary, on the use of the devices. We keep in touch through email, text. You send me photos of your skin and I send you before and after’s. I make changes, if necessary, but continue to provide the necessary support to get you to your goals.

So many of us are always searching for that one or more product that is going to be the answer to all our skin care problems. We are bombarded with what we think our skin should look like on social media, yet the sad reality is that those photos of these gorgeous models and bloggers have used tons of makeup and filters to hide their true skin. They tell us we use these products to get this perfect skin, so we follow their advice to purchase these miracle products, only to be sad to discover these products did not deliver their promise.

As a personal skin care coach, I will recommend the products that are best for you and only you to get your skin in the healthiest shape.

As I rapidly approach 61, I have had skin care concerns through my years that I understand because I have been there. I have gone through the acne in my teen years, the hormone changes of using bc and the effects on my skin, pregnancy and effects on my skin, lack of using SPF and the hyperpigmentation on my skin going through menopause and the toll that it takes on your skin. Take if from me, I have been there and can coach you to your healthiest skin to date, not invasively.

I truly love the one-on-one relationships with my clients. I want to empower you to learn how to take care of your skin.

Before I was an esthetician, I was a registered dental hygienist, and I always felt the best think I could do for my patients is to educate them on how to care for their teeth. I taught them how to brush and floss and how often to do it, which toothpaste, toothbrush and flow was best for them. I also educate them on their diet as our diet makes a difference in our teeth and skin health. I also performed an extra oral cancer exam, yes even then I was evaluating patient’s skin!

So, I educate you on not only what products to use, but when to use them and how to use them. I continually give you the support that you need because as we go through the stages of our life, we need different products to support the changes going on in our skin. Even as the seasons change, we may need to tweak your skin care program.

I am there to help you navigate what your skin really needs and what it doesn’t. I listen to your needs, skin care goals, analyze what is present and happening and recommend what to use, when to use it and how to use the products and devices. I hold your hand virtually and am also there to virtually kick you bottom when and if you get lazy and need encouragement.

Clients come to me at all different stage in their lives, some are teens wanting to learn how to take care of their skin so that they can be preventive, some are teens suffering with the pain of acne, some are 20-30 year old’s wanting to learn preventive care. There are the 30-40 year old’s that are noticing that they are aging and they want to be confident int heir beauty and age gracefully. Sometimes clients will come to me in their 50s never knowing how to care for their skin because no one ever educated them and one day they looked in the mirror and they did not recognize who that person looking back at them was. I want to help you see your beauty; it is there deep inside of you no matter your age.

When you feel good, you look beautiful and I will give you the tools to look and feel beautiful.

Skin Care Coach

Not sure how to get to your skincare goals? I can help! As a Skin Care Coach, I can get you to healthy, glowing skin in less time, without throwing money and effort into products that don’t work for your skin.

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