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About Me

Let's Get You Glowing!

Hello gorgeous! Wanting to get your skin in the best possible shape and health? You’ve come to the right place.

Everyone is always interested in why I became an esthetician after spending almost 25 years in the dental industry as an assistant and a dental hygienist.

I have always said I liked to work with my hands and bring joy into peoples’ lives. But, let’s be honest, not everyone likes getting their teeth cleaned. No one looked forward to their appointments and some downright dreaded it.

I became an esthetician because I wanted to give people the gift of healthy glowing skin. I could bring joy into peoples’ lives with work my clients didn’t dread. But, I want to share a little secret with you…I also wanted to clear my own skin which was not bringing me joy.

My skin was a bit of a disaster. It was super pigmented due to so much sun damage over the years from being in the sun without wearing any SPF. I had a lot of acne scarring. Before I had laser hair removal, I had cystic lesions on my skin due to excess hair that I would tweeze. I was extremely ashamed of my skin. I never left the house without tons of foundation. Plus, I could not match my foundation nor could anyone else at the makeup counter to save our lives! I either looked like a carrot or a vampire! 🥕🧛‍♀️Not a good look😂

As a hygienist, I had to wear masks and I was so happy to put a mask on because it hid all of my skin insecurities! I had tried what appeared to be every brand of skincare over the years, from dermatologist recommended products to DIY oatmeal, egg white and honey masks. Nothing
worked. And the Retin-A the dermatologist prescribed me made my skin even worse, if that was possible. I went from a carrot to being red like a 🦞 lobster and had dry skin that peeled like a 🐍 snake.

As I studied to become an esthetician, I finally learned how to get my skin healthy and glowing. Now, I love to go out without any makeup to show off my beautiful skin and, when I wear makeup, it is not to hide but to have fun and enhance my skin.

I want to bring that kind of joy to you! If you are ashamed of your skin and can’t go out without tons of makeup, I’ve been there! If you avoid photos or can’t have a photo taken of yourself without putting a filter on or enhancing it, I understand! I have stood where you stand and there is hope. Let me guide you on the road to healthy glowing skin!

Skin Care Coach

Not sure how to get to your skincare goals? I can help! As a Skin Care Coach, I can get you to healthy, glowing skin in less time, without throwing money and effort into products that don’t work for your skin.

On The Blog

Read along as I share valuable information about skincare. I'm excited to have you join me in exploring the many philosophies and theories surrounding your skin. Let's take the best care of you!