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Roccoco Botanicals

The inspiration for the name Roccoco was drawn from the French Rococo or less commonly spelled, ‘Roccoco’, style of architecture and art.  With Rococo art being synonymous with love, nature and youth and the intricate architectural designs being fluid and very elaborate, Jacine was inspired by the creativity and beauty.

 Roccoco Botanicals grew from very humble beginnings, starting as a consumer brand that was formulated from our founder’s kitchen bench.  With Jacine’s own children presenting with eczema and dermatitis from an early age and the onset of acne in her daughter, Jacine embarked on journey to resolve these skin conditions and repair the skin’s barrier.

As Roccoco Botanicals grew, it quickly caught the eye of Professional Estheticians and Beauty Therapists, due to the knowledge and expertise of its founder, Jacine Drummond.  With the growing interest in the Roccoco Botanicals brand from professionals, Jacine expanded the range and created professional treatments and more advanced clinical herbal treatments to meet the needs of beauty industry professionals.

Today Roccoco Botanicals is both humbled and proud to continue making award winning and innovative skin care products at our manufacturing facility in Brisbane, Australia.


Roccoco Botanicals Soothing Cleansing Oil

4 reviews
From $10.00
Roccoco Botanicals Peptide Sheet Mask

2 reviews
Roccoco Botanicals Peptide Serum

1 review
From $14.00
Roccoco Botanicals Purifying Treatment Essence

2 reviews
From $10.00
Roccoco Botanicals GloBiotic Serum

1 review
From $28.00
Save 25%
Roccoco Botanicals Ruby Crystal Cleanser

3 reviews
$60.00 $80.00
Roccoco Botanicals Skin Nectar

2 reviews
From $19.00
Roccoco Botanicals CPR

1 review
From $11.00
Roccoco Botanicals Peptide Finisher

1 review
Save 25%
Roccoco Botanicals Agave Dew

1 review
From $36.00 $48.00
Save 27%

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