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I am totally obsessed with this night lip serum!  But guess what?  You can use it throughout the day as well for the healthiest of lips! This serum changed my lips that were always dehydrated and getting smaller by the moment!  My lips look and feel healthy with the addition of this serum into my routine.  I like to keep it by my bedside table to apply after I get into bed and then also after brushing my teeth in the morning before my walk.  I also have one in my handbag as I will use throughout the day if I just want glowing lips, there is also one or two of the color lips serums in the bag from Fitglowbeauty as well because I like color on my lips too!  I love that this is an organic product with pomegranate sterols that increase, holds  and lock in hydration!  There is also organic beet extract that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids to soothe and smooth lips.  Cracked and dry lips are a thing of the past with this serum.  The pomegranate sterols and organic beet extract work as a team to lock moisture in deep into the lips and replenish the lips barrier function .  They improve the circulation resulting in a normal healthy looking full and plump lip! There are also ceramides that help with the barrier, strengthening the skin and prevention of moisture loss and give a gorgeous glow.  Some lip products give the lips a plumpness due to irritation but this is done without any irritation whatsoever!  The moisture increase causes the lips to be fulller and any lip lines are minimized!

Softens, hydrates and transforms lips at night with proven plant extracts and vitamins. Our unique Plant Ceramides formula restores lip moisture barrier while protecting from water loss. Organic pomegranate Plant Sterols, Beet Extract, and Vegan Collagen improve lip cell structure, increase lip volume and fight signs of aging.

Apply to clean lips at night

Penetrate lips and hold double its weight in water to increase hydration, improve moisture barrier function, and enhance lip fullness.

Fundamental to maintaining the structure, firmness, and plumpness in your skin.

Improves lip circulation to promote detoxification and plumpness.

The natural plumping effect occurs due to combination of Organic Phospholipids from Bio Ferment Extracts that naturally plump the lips without irritation.

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