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Adipeau Active Face Cream

Adipeau Active Face Cream

Adipeau Active Face Cream, created by Ivan Galanin, is a revolutionary cream that is the first to stimulate our own body’s regeneration process to produce healthy fat cells and collagen. Until this product, clients were not able to topically renew their healthy fat cell pads and increase collagen in their face. Clients had to resort to facial fillers to address their loss of facial volume.

A facial volume deficit leads to very hollow, sunken areas in the face and saggy skin. Adipeau can be used to restore lost healthy fat cells to build up that fat pad in the face or to be used preventatively to keep that healthy fat pad in place and healthy.

Who is this good for?

Adipeau is something almost anyone can use!

As a preventative treatment, you would use the Adipeau a couple times a week on the areas that we normally see that volume loss first: under the eyes and along the nasal labial folds (area from nose to mouth).

If you already have volume loss and need to increase collagen production, then you would want to apply this more frequently on a regular daily basis. If the volume loss is severe or you want to get to quicker results, you would use in both the AM and PM.

Adipeau is not rubbed into the skin like an ordinary cream. Rather, it is applied on the top of your serums and moisturizer in a finger painting type of technique. This will allow the cream to travel down the hair follicle to get to the epidermis.

How do I use it?

The morning ritual application is after the cleanse, essence, water based serums, and moisturizer. I do apply a thinner layer in the morning than I do in the evening. If it hasn’t absorbed after 10-15 minutes you could wipe away the excess, if needed. Otherwise, leave Adipeau on for a super glowy look.

For the evening ritual, you would do the same steps as you did in the morning, except I paint a much thicker application and leave on all night.

Other areas to treat:

  • Above and below and directly right on your lips!  👄
  • Above and below your jawline for a sharp jawline.
  • Back of your hands 🙌

Why Adipeau is a Must Have Product

Anyone who wants to maintain their healthy fat pad and prevent volume loss can use Adipeau as a preventative. I highly recommend this active cream for regeneration and restoration if you already have volume loss.

Plus, another additional use I neglected to mention is to use it before a big event or if you have to get photos taken. You can get an extra glam and glowy look when you apply Adipeau like a mask and remove. 🎭

And, as always, you can ask me if you would benefit from the use of Adipeau!