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Harmonized Clarifying Serum by Forget Beauty

Harmonized Clarifying Serum by Forget Beauty

Forget Beauty’s Harmonized Clarifying Serum merges eastern and western medicine to heal acne, promote collagen production and reduce inflammation, creating harmony in your skin. Remember when I said that inflammation leads to faster aging of the skin?  Acne prone skin is constantly inflamed so this product will support your skin barrier and lower that inflammation.

This particular formula is going to also work on healing the acne breakouts and reducing the frequency of those breakouts. It will reduce the congestion, control the oil output in your skin, improve the texture, and reduce pigmentation. Plus, this formula fights bacteria, reduces inflammation, strengthens the immune system of the skin and promotes healthy collagen formation.

Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients that make this formulation so spectacular:

Burdock is a natural anti-bacterial powerhouse, stopping the growth of acne causing bacteria. It also works to neutralize toxins within the skin. Its anti-inflammatory agents reduce the redness caused by acne.

Niacinamide (vitamin B3) is very effective for treating acne because it has anti-inflammatory properties. It also works to keep your skin hydrated, works on hyperpigmentation, reduces sun damage and the lines and wrinkles from said sun damage, and reduces pore size...making this a fan favorite ingredient! 🙌

Neem is another natural anti-bacterial powerhouse that soothes irritation and inflammation. It removes bacteria from the skin’s surface and helps to clear up breakouts.

Bio-Fense is made from a probiotic bacterium. It kills harmful bacteria on the skin and creates that healthy balanced microbiome. It also works to heal those acne blemishes.

Dermasyr is from plant cell cultures in a high powder active that reduces sebum and the acne blemishes.

This formulation works best on oily, acne prone skin.

Use this at night starting out every third night. Of course, sunscreen is a must!