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Mist Me by Hale & Hush

Mist Me by Hale & Hush

If you haven’t tried Hale & Hush’s Mist Me, you are missing out on one of my newest product obsessions!

Who is this good for?

Mist Me is perfect for any skin type. It is great all year round, but especially the fall and winter when your barrier needs more support and hydration. People always ask about the amazing fragrance. The cranberry scent is so intoxicating. It also has cocoa, which is an instant mood enhancer!

How do I use it? 

I start my day with this lovely mist right when I get out of the shower. I spray Mist Me onto my face, neck, décolleté and generally all over for full body hydration.

Mist Me is fantastic for setting mineral makeup to give you that healthy glow. You can also spritz throughout the day if you need a little pick me up of hydration. Just spritz it right over your SPF and makeup, tap in and, voila, instant glow! It can also cool you off if you are having a hot flash🔥.

I know a couple of ladies who have several bottles of this “miracle in a bottle”: one on their bath counter, one in their handbag, one at their desk at work, and one in their gym bag! Some also use this spray on their pillow!

What is in this must have product?

Hale & Hush Mist Me contains sea salt, which is anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and detoxifying! Sea salt promotes circulation and helps to restore your natural oil balance. It is hydrating, nourishing and brings energy to your skin.

Mist Me also contains giant knotweed, which is a fabulous source for resveratrol. You have probably heard that resveratrol is in red wine, but giant knotweed is an even more potent source of resveratrol than red wine🍷! Plus, do you want plumper skin? Well, resveratrol visibly plumps the look of skin! It also works well to combat the effect of gravity and gives you a more youthful appearance.

Passion fruit extract is part of this formula. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties make it so wonderful for hydration and healing.  There is also Resistem®, which is a plant cell extract known as the anti-aging bodyguard. Plus, Mist Me adds honey 🍯! This fabulous natural ingredient is soothing and is used in the treatment for burns, wounds and sores.

Make sure you try this Hale & Hush Mist Me! Your skin will thank you!