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Apothekary Golden Remedy Spoon


The new half teaspoon Gold Daily Remedy Spoon™ is now your new favorite tool for measuring the perfect amount of your powdered herbal formulas. This matte gold stainless steel spoon is made to fit perfectly into our Apothékary formula jars and supply the right amount for all of your hot and cold herbal tonics. Simply take one or two measured scoops, add it to a cup, and incorporate with water, milk, coffee, tea, etc. Then, enjoy!

Made for you if...

Getting the right amount of your herbal formulas is your goal. Take the guesswork out of how much herbs you’re taking. Each spoon measures the perfect amount for a half serving of an Apothékary Signature Formula and helps ensure you are taking the right amount of herbs.


Take a powdered Apothékary Signature Formula, open the jar, and take one or two scoops using your Gold Daily Remedy Spoon™.

Add to a cup with 4 oz of liquid. Blend using your Formula Frother for 20-30 seconds. Add an additional 4 oz of liquid (optional). Sip back and enjoy.

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