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Apothekary Take the Edge Off Stress + Tension Support


Good to know

  • Stress Support
  • Tension Support
  • No Mushrooms

What it is

Put the white wine to rest and Take the Edge Off™ instead. Introducing the twice sold-out and 2023 Beauty Independent's Beacon Award nominee for best Product Launch in the Wellness category, Take the Edge Off™ is our bestselling herbal tincture and non-alcoholic white wine alternative.

The formula features potent botanical herbs that help calm high stress and ease body tension in a moment’s notice. If you find yourself picking up a glass of white wine at the end of the day, this wine alternative will offer similar stress-soothing benefits minus the alcohol, sugar, and hangover. Take the Edge Off™ is third-party tested for quality and efficacy.

30 Servings / 1.26oz


Note: Take the Edge Off™ is made of natural herbs and ingredients that may change the color and texture of the tincture. If you see a “residue” in your tincture, don’t worry! That’s a 100% natural compound that’s normal and safe to consume. Enjoy your tincture as usual or remove the residue with a clean cloth.

Made for you if...

Calming feelings of stress, easing body tension, and finding bliss without alcohol is what you're looking for. Take the Edge Off™ features potent nervine herbs, a class of plants that specifically target the nervous system to help reduce head and muscle tension, calm restlessness and irritability, and in higher amounts, support sound, restful sleep. Cheers to that!


A soothing combination of nervine herbs is what gives Take the Edge Off its magic. Relaxing passionflower has been used traditionally to ease feelings of restlessness, stress, and body discomfort. Used in European and American folk medicine for centuries, linden in combination with skullcap helps soothe our precious nervous and cardiovascular systems while quelling tension throughout the body. Oatstraw is another gentle nervine that nourishes a taxed nervous system, and supplies vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to help boost the body’s response to life’s stressors. In combination with mulberries, lemon peel, white nectarine, and pear fruit, this herbal formula helps soothe the nervous system and creates a deliciously fruity and refreshing white wine-like tonic.

When to take:

Anytime time of day but especially in moments where you want a light and refreshing wind-down tonic.

Mix with:

Lemons, citrus, juicy fruits like pears and stone fruits, and sparkling water to make a citrusy mocktail.
Bright and sweet with a herbaceous and fruity body, and tantalizing notes of citrus.

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