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Grace & Grandeur Micro Alice Matte Satin Bow Barrette in soft pink


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The Micro Alice Bow in matte satin is a narrow version of the popular GGBC Alice velvet bow, featuring a slender silhouette and feminine ribbon tails. Each bow is made with luxurious matte satin ribbon! This bow is secured on a 3" barrette.

Approximate bow measurements:
4.75”W x 10”L

**Any props seen in photo are not available for sale. The Micro Alice bow is sold individually regardless if it is shown in photos with multiple bows.
***All sales are considered final due to the nature of hair products.


Care Instructions

To reshape, hold bow at center & gently adjust creases.

Fluff loops to create dimension.

Carefully pull tail on one side if uneven. Tails on the satin ribbon bows are sewn in place and cannot be adjusted.

Use a lint roller for routine upkeep. Do not wash.

It's best to roll your bow in tissue for travel.

Do not fold.

Clip onto a bow organizer for ideal storage conditions making sure tails hang over the front of the bow beneath.

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