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Kinfield Golden Hour Wipes mosquito repellent wipes


Our bestselling repellent that works—naturally! Now in travel-friendly wipe form.

Slip these into your backpack, carry-on, or pocket to enjoy those dreamy twilight hours mosquito-free.

These clean wipes repel mosquitos with a unique strain of Indonesian citronella that smells great (think a little bit citrus, a little bit vanilla) and works even better.

Contains 12 Individually-Wrapped Wipes.

YOU - 1

Our signature Golden Hour™ mosquito repellent is research-backed, independently verified to be effective, and beloved by thousands (just take a peek at some of the reviews!).

Now, we’ve taken that same trusty formula and packed it into a planet-friendly wipe that makes reapplying on the top of a mountain, in a tent, or between waterfalls easier than ever.


Hero Ingredients

    • Golden Hour™ Wipes contains Citronella


      Repels mosquitoes


    • Golden Hour™ Wipes contains Lemongrass




    • Golden Hour™ Wipes contains Clove Bud

      Clove Bud



    • Golden Hour™ Wipes contains Lauric Acid

      Lauric Acid

    Citronella Oil (10.00%)
    Lemongrass Oil (1.00%)
    Clove Oil (0.01%)
    INERT INGREDIENTS (88.99%): Isopropyl Alcohol, Lauric Acid, Water, Vanillin

    Wipe Material Is A Biodegradable, Plant-Derived Cellulose Fiber

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