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MiTAMA Renew Plus


The MiTAMA Renew Plus is a 20-minute program where all TAMA modalities are cohesively combined to create a unique facial experience. This device is perfect for aging clients with both loose skin and muscles.

If you are looking for a device that works at the cellular level to lift, tighten and tone your skin without causing any inflammation, downtime, and totally hands free, then you can stop your search! The MiTAMA Renew Plus does that and so much more.

This revolutionary device can be used at home or on the go to get you the results of your dreams. The MiTAMA Renew Plus is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, but don’t let the size fool you. Personally, I always travel with mine so I can continue my ritual of relaxing knowing the MiTAMA Renew Plus is giving my skin the gift of healthy glowing youthful skin.

Your MiTAMA can be safely used every three days. When you achieve your skin care goals, you can use it weekly. 20 relaxing minutes is all you need and because the MiTAMA it is hands free you can be multi-task!

Some of the benefits of a MiTAMA Renew Plus include:

🦋 Improved muscle tone in the face, neck, and hands (if you are using the gloves)
🦋 Lifted pesky jowls and droopy eyebrows
🦋 Diminished appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
🦋 Improved circulation, skin looks brighter
🦋 Reduced inflammation so great for acne skin
🦋 Calmed rosacea
🦋Aids in lymphatic drainage , reduces puffiness
🦋 Treatment of sun damage
🦋 Improved pigmentation
🦋 Helps products penetrate
🦋 Firms and smooths skin so pores become tighter
🦋 Skin is rejuvenated
🦋 Improved elasticity

Your MiTAMA device purchase includes the following:

⚡️TAMA Electrode Lead
⚡️ 4 TAMA 2x2 Electrode Pads
⚡️ 2 TAMA 4x2 Electrode Pads
⚡️ 5 TAMA Essence Masks
⚡️ Training Video
⚡️ TAMA Manual
⚡️ Access to the Private MiTAMA Facebook Group
⚡️ The Fabulous Blue Box to Store Your MiTAMA
⚡️ Zippered Silver Pouch to Travel with Your MiTAMA
⚡️ Me! As your skin care virtual coach! Priceless!

If you have one of the following contraindications, micro current use is not advised:

🌟 You are pregnant
🌟 You have a pacemaker
🌟You have active cancer
🌟 You have epilepsy or other seizure disorders
🌟 You’ve had Botox or fillers within the past 30 days

All TAMA devices are non-refundable and ship directly from the manufacturer in Arizona.

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