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My Saint My Hero California Blessings Bracelet


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Wishing you blessings and love from California. May the sun warm your heart, the ocean cleanse your soul and the sand under your feet bring you youthful joy. The word “California” is encoded in Morse code using brown beads as the dots and blue beads as the dashes. Wear this bracelet and receive all the blessings from the heart of California. May a spark of California always be yours.

A percentage of our proceeds for this bracelet is donated to help planet Earth through the World Wildlife Fund.

  • Handwoven in Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Unisex adjustable bracelet cording which opens to 9.5" diameter, closes to 6.25"
  • Silver-tone cross medal and a "blessed" tag charm
  • Medals hand-cast in a sacred site in Italy
  • Amazonite gemstones, natural gemstones and olive wood beads vary in color and shape
  • On an inspirational card

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