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My Saint My Hero Stellar Blessings Night Sky Bracelet



Wear this Benedictine bracelet, touch it often, and let it guide your gaze far beyond the tangled troubles of daily life. Let it give you a faith-filled glimpse of the galaxy of God’s infinite love.

For we can see farther in the dark. We can see the light of stars in distant galaxies, far beyond our neighborhood sun. Maybe this is why God permits dark nights at times in our lives. Because in the midst of the darkness, we will see farther than we could ever have seen in the daylight.

  • Adjustable cording which opens to 9" diameter
  • Black European crystal beads, five 1 cm jet black-tone Benedictine medals, jet black-tone "blessed" charm
  • These premium heirloom-quality crystals are 2.5x more brilliant than other crystals, lead-free, sustainably manufactured and environmentally friendly
  • Medals made in Italy
  • Stellar Blessings Night Sky Crystal and Benedictine Blessing Bracelet comes on an inspirational card

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