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SpaStar Get Ready Wrap

$125.00 $150.00

The Get Ready Wrap® is spa inspired and made for virtually every body. A luxurious faux wrap designed with comfort and eco-elegance in mind - no velcro, snaps, or bulky material that take up too much room in your closet, laundry, or suitcase. Perfect for spa treatments, beauty rituals, special occasions, getting ready, makeup tutorials, travel, by the pool, lounging around, the gym bag, and pregnancy and/or hot flash moments.

*Blush color may vary from photo. It's a soft pink tone.


  • Luxuriously Soft (imagine if silk married bamboo & had a gorgeous baby)
  • Lightweight, Breathable & Water-Wicking
  • Extremely Versatile & Low Maintenance
  • Fade Resistant Fabric
  • 100% Polyester | Spa-Chic™ Weave
  • Machine Wash | Tumble Dry Low
  • Dries in Minutes (literally under 5 minutes in most dryers)
  • Designed & Handcrafted in Los Angeles, CA, USA of Imported Fabric

SpaStar® is the modern eco-chic, little black dress of self-care. The moment you put on the SpaStar® wrap, you start to feel beautiful.

SpaStar is becoming the most wearable piece of a wardrobe. Why? It's functional and fancy. 

Recommend Fit Guide: Regular O/S Size  0-16 | P/S Plus Size 18+

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