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Breaking Back-to-School Breakouts

Breaking Back-to-School Breakouts

I was just reminiscing about Back to School when I was young and when my kids were younger! Yep, it was eons ago for me and school didn’t start until after Labor Day in September. It is hard for me to think about everyone heading back to school in August!

Planning to go back to school can be stressful and that could mean getting breakouts the first few weeks of school or before your school year has even started!

I have some new fabulous products that will help get rid of those pesky breakouts! Here’s the best of the best:

  • The Goo Getter by Zitsticka:

    The Goo Getter is perfect for that common whitehead surface breakout. It is a small Hydrocolloid patch that comes in 2 different sizes. It contains niacinamide, salicylic acid, vitamin C and tea tree oil that works to accelerate skin healing and clearing. These work so much better than the plain Hydrocolloid patch! It contains targeted ingredients to help that lesion heal quicker and keep you from pigmenting.

    Goo Getter also works great to keep dirt and environmental stressors from attacking it, plus it keeps those pesky fingers from wanting to pick at them! 😉 (We don’t know anyone who likes to pick do we?) 🤔 Each kit comes with 36 patches!

  • Zitsticka Kills Patches:

    These are great for the early stages of the deep cystic lesions. They are powered with microdarts that self-dissolve to flood that lesion with powerful targeted ingredients to heal quickly. They contain hyaluronic acid, peptides, salicylic acid and niacinamide. They do come with a swab to use before you apply the patch that dries out the lesion but don’t use it! You want to keep wounds hydrated so they heal cleanly. However, don’t throw them away! Instead of being wasteful, you can use these swabs to wipe down your cell phone, your computer keyboard or anything else that needs to be sanitized. Zitsticka Kills contain 4 patches per box.

  • Eruption Emulsion by Roccoco Botanicals:

    Looking for the ultimate acne moisturizer? Look no further than Eruption Emulsion to give you powerful results. This has been reformulated with some new ingredients to make it even more effective.

    Rosehip extract was added to reduce sebum and shine to give a matte finish to the skin without being dehydrating. Magnolia extract adds an extra anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal layer to this emulsion. The added Basil extract is also a powerful anti- inflammatory and protects from pollution and environmental stress. Noni extract reduces pore size by 90% and reduces biofilm. (If you are concerned with pore size this can be used even if you do not have active acne.) It contains prebiotics to repair the skin barrier, targets scarring and reduces pigmented lesions, increases ceramide production and evens out skin tone. It is even allergen free with a lovely citrus fragrance! The only downside is this is not recommended for pregnant women or those trying to get pregnant due to the concentrations of Vitamin A.

  • Clarifying C Serum by Roccoco Botanicals:

    This formula has also been reformulated and it has been raved about by all who use it!

    Clarifying C Serum works to unclog the pore, smooths the skin, reduces comedones and bacterial growth, decreases inflammation and allows the skin to heal. It contains ceramides to repair the barrier while leaving the skin matte and refined. Not only does it promote wound healing, it prevents scarring because it targets the post inflammatory erythema. Those are those red marks left on your skin after the lesion has gone. Plus it prevents those post inflammatory hyperpigmentation brown marks! Clarifying C Serum balances the skin microbiome, reduces the sebum and the oil flow, and increases hydration and the ceramides in the skin. It also stimulates the collagen formation to refine scars and wounds. Like the Emulsion, it has a gentle citrus aroma that is allergen free.

    Some of the new ingredients are:
    • Boswellia: Balances the microbiome, anti-inflammatory and wound healing.
    • L-carnitine: Reduces sebum by 90%.
    • Succinic Acid: A natural replacement for salicylic acid; smooths the skin and reaches deep within the pore
    • Berberine: Potent ant-inflammatory that blocks testosterone, mattes the skin and assists with wound repair.

As you know, Roccoco Botanicals is my usual go-to for my acne clients. They are truly revolutionary miracle products! But all of these acne products are excellent solutions for breaking the Back-to-School breakouts!

Reach out to me for one-on-one acne recommendations just for you!