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Consistent Care: The Key to Healthy Skin

Consistent Care: The Key to Healthy Skin

You always hear estheticians saying you need to be consistent about your skin care. I agree although I think we need to define "consistency."

Differing Points of View

When I was practicing as a dental hygienist I was having the “consistency” talk with one of my patients who swore that he flossed religiously. I quickly rolled my chair away from him and he asked me why I did that. I told him that, when that lightning bolt came down and hit him, I wanted to be far away! He gave a good belly laugh and remarked that maybe our definitions of the term “religious” were different.  I told him that I believed that to do something “religiously” means you do that something daily. He told me that religious to him meant Christmas and Easter! Now I was the one belly laughing!  So, we need to define what consistent skin care looks like to our clients.

In short: Skincare should be done twice a day, am and pm. However, the long answer to what your consistent skin care routine should look like is going to depend on more than just time of day.

Are You Using the Right Product?

Once you have established the timing of consistency then you have to consider products. You may be using your products religiously, but if the products aren’t right for your skin or incompatible with each other, you could be doing more harm than good. They are likely causing problems, like inflaming your skin. If you are using the wrong products you aren’t going to get the desired outcome regardless of how consistently you use them. So, how does someone know what to use?

So Many Choices!

There are so many voices out there! Some even have degrees and yet their skin care knowledge is ridiculous. Some people rely on Dr. Google…talk about a bunch of different opinions that are, for the most part, smoke and mirrors. Others rely on their best friend for advice. Her skin looks great so her products should work for you too, right? Not necessarily.

When I started my spa years ago, there was a group of friends that used my services. When they got together they would discuss what products they were using. Inevitably, when one of them came to see me they would say, “You have “MaryBeth” on that serum and I want it too because she loves it.” I had to explain to each and every one of them that they were like a box of chocolates, all so different, and they were likely going to need different products, too.

Then there is always that online influencer who makes me cringe because she uses filters and makeup to create her glow. What you see is not what she really looks like! Yet, because you think she has beautiful skin, you are more willing to buy whatever she says she uses because believe that product will make your skin perfect, too. She has created an illusion. It’s likely that she knows nothing about skincare but is very good at reciting all the good things that are in each tube of magic 😉…while not telling you about all the 🤢 that is in there also.

Ensure Your Consistent Glow!

If you are tired of not seeing a healthy glowing face in the mirror and want to take the guess work out of which products do you need to be consistent with, reach out to me. Over the years, before becoming an esthetician, I used a lot of the same “magical” products that were going to solve all of my skincare problems…but they only seemed to make them worse 😢. I know now not only what to use for myself, but can make professional recommendations for everyone.

Having healthy skin isn’t as difficult as you think! Consistent proper use of products that were recommended to you by a licensed esthetician can make all the difference.