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Don’t Forget the Neck and Décolletage!

Don’t Forget the Neck and Décolletage!

Dr. Gilly Munavalli recently posted a photo from a research study on aging. It was a picture of a 92 year old female who had been using SPF on her face but not her neck for over 40 years. It is an eye opener, to say the least!

As an esthetician, I sometimes feel I have to explain to my clients over and over again that skin care extends beyond the face. Many apply products to their face but forget about their neck and décolletage. That daily negligence adds up and makes a difference! It reminds me of when I was a dental hygienist and a few of my patients openly admitted that they only flossed their front teeth because “No one would see their molars.” Ugh!

Gentle Education

I love that both of my professions have focused on prevention and education. But my goal is to educate gently. Why? Because I’ve been in my clients’ shoes. I can still remember going into my very first dermatologist appointment to have a couple of areas checked for skin cancer. This was many years ago before I became an esthetician. I waited patiently for the dermatologist to come while sitting naked with that paper drape wrapped around me trying to keep warm. She walked in and, before even greeting me, took one look at my décolletage and said, “Have you ever heard of sunscreen?” Wow!  So, that is not the way I educate my clients. This photo can say more about proper skin care than I ever could. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!

The skin on our neck and décolletage is even more thin and delicate than the skin on our faces.  In order to prevent years of sun damage it must be protected daily by a physical SPF. My favorite ones to use for this area is Tizo’s AM Replenish with no tint or Tizo’s Ultra Zinc also without a tint.

Skincare Routine for Your Neck and Décolletage:

Cleansing- I apply the same cleanser that I am using for my face on my neck and décolletage before I even step into the shower.

My favorites are:

Hydration 💦💦💦

My very favorites would be:


  • AnteAGE Serum and Accelerator - This accelerator just made In Style magazine’s list of products that should be your neck and décolletage’s new best friend! 👯‍♀️ This moisturizer serum has revitalizing actives and targeted 🎯antioxidants to deeply hydrate and nourish the skin. It gently reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and increases skin renewal at the cellular level.
    • AnteAGE Serum and Accelerator includes:
      • Growth factors from human bone marrow
      • Vitamin C
      • Vitamin E
      • High molecular weight hyaluronic acid
      • Human Beta Defensin 3
      • Bakuchiol
      • Ceramides
      • Pantheol vitamin B5
  • Red and infrared LED – Use this treatment daily. I love my handheld Orion by Azure!
  • AnteAGE Brightener – If your décolletage has a lot of sun damage, like mine, you may want to add this to your daily treatment.

I also love a great wide brimmed hat with UPF 50+ fabric to block 97.5 UV rays. Check out my fabulous selection of Wallaroo 👒 hats!

Keep glowing,

P.S. Want more personal recommendations? They’re complimentary! What are you waiting for? Let’s get you in the healthiest skin possible!

Image: Cheek and neck of a 92-year-old female, who used UV-protective moisturizers on her face but not on the neck for 40+ years. Clinical examination reveals a striking difference in solar damage between her cheek and neck. 📚Posch, C. (2021), Ageing research: rethinking primary prevention of skin cancer. J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol, 35: 2216-2218. https://doi.org/10.1111/jdv.17660