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Love My Rosie Skin!

Love My Rosie Skin!

Order of Application

I get asked all the time about the order I apply my products. The order you apply skincare products is actually very important. The skin barrier is the body’s first line of defense so it is designed to keep things out. But, you want your products to penetrate the skin so you can get all of the benefits. One product may actually limit the effect of another.

So let’s clear up any confusion.

First Step: Cleanse

Cleansing is always first and I don’t mean a makeup wipe. If you are doing a double cleanse then you will want to use an oil cleanser like Roccoco Botanicals Pore Cleansing Oil or their Soothing Cleansing Oil. After that you can follow with a gel cleanser like the AnteAGE Cleanser.

If you plan to use a mask, like Roccoco’s Sulfur Mask or Hydrating Mask, you want to apply these to clean skin. Masks shouldn’t be used as a substitute for cleansing the skin.

Next: Toner

The second step is done immediately after that cleanse. This would be your essence or toner. There’s no need to wait.

Many people tend to skip toner thinking that it is harsh on the skin. But the new hydrating essences actually help the skin retain moisture and help you use less of your serums.

Third: Serums

The third step is your serum or serums. Again, there’s no need to wait. You want to get the serum or serums on while the skin is damp from that essence. 

If you are using Globiotic by Roccoco Botanicals then that will be your first serum. If you are using AnteAGE’s System the Serum is first then the Accelerator. If you like you can always cocktail the two together.

Next: Moisturizer

The Fourth step would be your moisturizer of choice right after your serums. Even if you have oily skin, you don’t want to skip this step. Moisture is your best protection against sun, weather and other conditions that beat up the skin.

You want to put on your moisturizer when the skin is still damp from the cleanser, toner, and serums to really lock in that moisture.

Fifth: Sunscreen 

The fifth would be your SPF like Tizo or Suntegrity. You want a broad spectrum sunscreen with zinc oxide. Try to avoid chemical sunscreens. Moisturizers tend to keep them from absorbing correctly so you lose some of the protection.

Finish: Makeup

The sixth step is any makeup, if you wish.


Did you notice that 4, 5, and 6 are all separate steps? Now, you know I love a good product that does more than one thing, but I do not ever recommend a moisturizer with SPF or makeup with SPF. You will not get enough sunscreen coverage to safely protect you from UVA rays. You would need to use like a 1/4 of the jar of moisturizer and that amount of makeup would make you look like a clown. So SPF every single day!