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Getting the Most Out of Your Skin Care Consultation

Getting the Most Out of Your Skin Care Consultation

A skin care consultation can answer many questions you might have about the products you are using, like: 

  • Are you using products that are preventing you from getting the skin of your dreams?
  • Are you using products with pore clogging ingredients even though the product is marketed for acne use?
  • Are you tired of wasting money and time on products that don’t deliver what they promise?

What I Do for You

I spend hours before a consultation researching all of your current product ingredients to analyze what is actually in that product. I then go over photos of your skin and look over your intake form questions to get a sense of your lifestyle and how your skin looks, feels and reacts. From there, I come up with a step by step personalized regimen just for you.

We then set up a consultation call. I will address any of your questions and go over each step of the process with you. My goal is to make sure you are set up to succeed.

What You Provide for Me

In order for me to help you get the skin of your dreams, I will ask you to answer some pretty detailed questions and send me photos of your skin without makeup or filters. The more detailed information you can give me about your skin care routine and concerns, the better I can craft a skin care regimen that will get you the healthy, vibrant skin you long for!


For photos: 

Take one from the front of your face and one from each side. Make sure I can see your neck or take that separately. Get in close so I can see your pores. If you  have problem areas, then please add photos of those. More photos are better than not enough.

Skincare Questions:

  1. What products are you currently using? You can send photos of each product and don’t leave any out. I want all products including cleanser, SPF, etc.
  2. If this is an acne consultation? Then I will need photos of all makeup and hair care products, as well. Again, I want all products including hairsprays, leave-ins, etc.
  3. What medications and/or natural supplements are you using and what dosages? Photos are fine for these as well.
  4. Do you drink protein drinks? Pre-workout drinks? Post workout?
  5. Age?
  6. Are you pregnant?
  7. Do you have a pacemaker?
  8. Do you have epilepsy or other seizure disorders?
  9. Have you used fillers or Botox?
  10. Do you have active cancer?
  11. On a scale of 1-5, what is your stress level?
  12. Occupation?
  13. Do you wear a mask for work or any other time?
  14. Do you have eczema and / or rosacea?
  15. Do you have allergies? If so, what kind: seasonal, food, topical, etc.?
  16. Is your skin oily?
  17. Is your skin sensitive or reactive?
  18. Is your skin itchy?
  19. Is your skin red and bumpy?
  20. Is your skin dry?
  21. Does your skin get rashes?
  22. Do you breakout? If so, how frequently?
  23. Do you have active acne?
  24. Have you ever been prescribed Retin A, antibiotics, Accutane or steroids for your skin? I so, which one/ones?
  25. What areas on your skin are your major concerns?
  26. What do you like about your skin?

If you are ready to receive a professional skin care program that is designed for your unique skin, then click here.