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The Seasons Change and So Should Your Skin Care

The Seasons Change and So Should Your Skin Care

When the weather starts to change, and get a bit more brisk, you need to use more supportive skin care for your skin barrier. Here are some products that you are going to want to add into your skin care regimen now. As you know, I love a good dose of prevention rather than trying to fix problems down the road.

Roccoco Botanicals Hydrating Treatment Essence

I love this product! It is incredibly barrier repairing and supportive! You can use this immediately after cleansing, spraying about 5-6 times onto a flat cotton round. Wipe firmly into the skin. This wonderful essence can also be used throughout the day for added hydration: just mist it onto your skin.

Hale and Hush Mist Me

This mist is fabulous for hydrating, nourishing and plumping your skin. The naturally occurring scent is so delicious and is a mood enhancer. Who doesn’t need that? I use this product immediately after my shower. I spray this from my head to my toes and press it into my skin. This mist, like the Hydrating Essence, can be used to set your makeup and throughout the day to keep that skin nice and hydrated.

Roccoco Botanicals Peptide Serum

This is a MUST have to seal in all the hydration and moisture like Saran Wrap! The serum goes on after your moisturizer and feels so amazing on the skin. It is the perfect twofer and you know how much I LOVE products that do more than one thing! This is the perfect primer for your makeup and can be used in the AM and PM.

Bel Mondo Moisture Renewal Sheet Mask

This mask is a perfect addition to your weekly self-care. It is such a beautiful sheet mask made of bio cellulose fabric that clings to your skin, calming your barrier and adding excellent hydration. I always have a few of these packed in my suitcase when I travel since flying can cause skin dehydration.

Roccoco Botanicals Hydrating Mask

Looking for a mask to sleep in a couple times a week? Look no more! You just apply this over your moisturizer and sleep 🛌 in it. Awaken to uber-hydrated skin!

Roccoco Botanicals CPR

This is the 💣 in barrier support! As you may know, this is my go to moisturizer for my body. I have found that, when I consistently use it every day, I really don’t need a lot of product like other body moisturizers. And it locks in moisture for 72 hours! You can use your CPR over your moisturizer at night on the nights you don’t use the moisture mask. I always have a mini CPR in my handbag for my hands. It really helps keeps them from getting dry and cracked.

Hale and Hush Bio Relief Powder

I believe this is something everyone needs in their medicine cabinet. It can be used to calm the skin, reducing redness and inflammation, itching and irritation. This can be brushed onto the skin; mixed in a paste with Hale and Hush Hydrate Gel and used like a mask; mixed in with the Hale and Hush Mist Me and used as spot treatments for localized blemishes or used mixed in with any moisturizer!

Forget Beauty Nurtured Replenishing Oil

This stuff is liquid gold! However, this comes with a use warning: this is only for those people who don’t break out! Nurtured Replenishing Oil can be mixed into your moisturizer or used right before your moisturizer for extra glowy skin!

Roccoco Botanicals Ceramide Booster

Add in this Ceramide Booster for extra barrier support! Use this serum right after the essence and layer other products on top.

Roccoco Botanicals Ruby Cleanser

Ruby Cleanser is perfect for any skin type and so luxurious! It is the go-to product to take redness and hyperpigmentation out of your skin. It will replenish the vital fatty acids and accelerates the skins ability to repair itself.

Please reach out to me if you want to add something new into your routine. I can help you find the right products for your needs!