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Healthy Aging vs Inflammaging

Healthy Aging vs Inflammaging

I became an expert in healthy aging for skin in a roundabout way. After almost 20 years of practicing dental hygiene, I decided to enter the world of esthetics. I wanted to provide education and treatments where my clients could relax and still get results that they love.

A Rude Awakening

In the beginning, entering the world of beauty was a nightmare! It felt like being left in the middle of a desert and everything that looked great was really a mirage that faded quickly. During the year that I worked in a day spa I was convinced that something was not quite right. At that time, I did not have the education to completely understand what was happening. All I knew was that my 50 year-old skin (at that time) looked way healthier than the 30 - 40 year-olds getting treatments done that involved aggressively resurfacing their skin. After the treatments, they were educated to use products on a daily basis that also worked to resurface their skin. No wonder there was no “glow” to their skin! Their barrier was completely destroyed! They constantly had low-grade inflammation happening in their skin, which was making them look way older than they actually were.


Sometimes after these treatments, the day spa clients would leave looking as if some of their wrinkles had magically been erased and their skin a “healthy” pink. However, this was due to inflammation causing volume by temporary swelling to the area. Even though the treatments gave them that temporary plumping, it actually made their skin worse in the long term due to chronic low grade inflammation.

Healthy Aging

I believe that you need to give your skin proper nutrition and support to perform at its optimal level. What we are feeding our skin internally is just as important as what we put on it topically. It's so important to eat healthy foods that are low in inflammation to maintain healthy and glowing skin. And of course, a good night’s sleep, lowering your stress levels, and consistently using SPF every day are all crucial in supporting healthy skin. I know I've said it before, but seriously, if you're not going to protect your skin with SPF, then what's the point of all the effort you're putting into eating well and using the right skincare products? So, let's not forget the importance of sunscreen in our skincare routine!

Here are some of Love My Rosie Skin’s recommendations for non-inflammatory products:

Cleanse Without Inflammation:

Favorite Anti-Inflammatory Essences:

Favorite Anti-Inflammatory Serums to Support and Transform Your Skin:


Roccoco Botanicals Serums – Serum type depends upon your skin needs

Sheet Masks That Don’t Create Inflammation:

Favorite SPF:


As always, you can reach out to me for a complimentary custom skin care analysis and custom ritual just for you!