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Should you switch up your skincare ritual for summer?

Should you switch up your skincare ritual for summer?

As the seasons change, the needs of our skin also changes. Summer brings different environmental factors to our skin, like increased heat, humidity, and higher UV radiation levels. These factors definitely call for a reassessment of our skin care ritual to keep our skin healthy, hydrated, and protected.

Let’s take a look at how to transition into summer!

Summer Skin Hydration

Summer calls for lighter formulations that offer hydration without feeling tooheavy.

I love MDAire’s NMF Hydrator Barrier Repair Moisturizer for the summer months. It is super lightweight, but forms a protective layer against environmental damage and yet is very hydrating. This fabulous moisturizer is also acne safe!  🙌

The other fabulous moisturizer that I love for summer is AnteAGE’s Moisturizer, which is also lightweight for the summer months and protects from environmental damage. This moisturizer is also acne safe! 🙌

Summer Mist

Hale & Hush Mist Me is an amazing treat for your skin that can be used all throughout the day. You can pop it in your refrigerator for a cooling effect. It refreshes your skin with instant hydration and also protects against environmental damage. So very soothing and can also be used to set your makeup! It contains cocoa extract, which is an antioxidant and also a mood enhancer! The smell is divine!

Another benefit is the sea salt, which is anti-microbial, antibacterial, detoxifying and promotes circulation. The salt helps to restore the natural oil balance since the summer heat can make us sweat more. The Mist Me is also acne safe and perfectly sized to carry in your handbag for everyday use and travel.

Antioxidant Summer Skincare

Brightener by AnteAGE. It contains a skin friendly form of vitamin C with tranexamic acid, which is anti-inflammatory and proven to reduce pigmentation. It also helps prevent against future damage by blocking the 7 pathways to pigmentation. Growth factors derived from the bone marrow and peptides are also included to even out skin tone and texture.

Summer Skincare for the Body

While we focus on facial skincare, it is crucial not to neglect the rest of our body during the summer months when we tend to expose more of our skin to the sun’s rays.

I personally love to use the Mist Me all over my body starting in the AM, right after my shower. Remember to apply sunscreen to all exposed areas of your body. Don’t forget your feet, hands, ears, and lips, which are often overlooked but vulnerable to sun damage.

Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen!

My go-to for sunscreens that suit all skin types is from Tizo. Tizo’s Foam Sunscreen is excellent for body coverage. It is so easy to apply and it is acne safe.

Tizo’s Eye Renewal has SPF in it so you can use that in the morning and the AnteAGE eye cream in the evening.

Don’t forget the lips! Tizo’s Tinted Lip Protection is perfect on its own or you can add a little color with Elate’s Super Hydrating Lip Crayon underneath.

I almost forgot to mention my favorite new SPF! HOP+ HOUSE OF PLLA Skin Repair Cushion Sunscreen is not acne safe, but allow me to fan girl crush on this fantastic SPF! I personally love that it can be your SPF and foundation in one!  I add my Elate Blush Balm onto my cheeks and lips for a little extra color and I am ready to go!

For those of you who like extra coverage, then this can be worn under your foundation. It gives me such a glowy finish and it doesn’t look like I am wearing anything.  Love the sleek compact to carry in my handbag for easy reapplication.  I use it on my face, neck, décolleté and hands!  Alongside the SPF 50, this product is super beneficial to your skin. It provides hydration and improves skin health by stimulating collagen and elastin and also reduces inflammation.

Embrace Hats

Now let’s chat about my other summer skin savior…hats by Wallaroo Wallaroo is a brand known for fashionable, high quality hats that effectively block harmful UV rays. They are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. While they add a fabulous touch of style to your summer outfits, they offer excellent protection to your scalp, face, ears and neck.

Wallaroo hats combine fashion and functionality from wide brimmed hats that provide maximum coverage to stylish fedoras, cowboy style, and grandma coastal. Wallaroo offers something to suit everyone’s tastes. A lot of the hats are packing friendly to take along on your summer trips.

Summer Skincare Roundup

As we embrace the joys of summer, adapting your skin care ritual for the season is essential for maintaining healthy and radiant skin. So switch to a light weight moisturizer, like MDAIRE or AnteAGE. Add in hydration, like Hale and Hush Mist Me, and antioxidants, like AnteAGE Brightener. Put on SPF every single day and wear a Wallaroo hat. Prioritize your sun protection! It will keep your skin looking its best during the long summer months.

Enjoy the summer sun safely, while nourishing and protecting your skin for a memorable gorgeous summer season. Please reach out via email if you have any questions so I can help get your skin summer ready!

Stay sun safe, stylish, and enjoy the summer, my gorgeous friends!

Kimberly ☀️