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This device can only be sold to licensed professionals.  If you want the brilliance of this device then look at the retail version: the MiTAMA Renew Plus, 20 minutes of all the detox, lift, tone and penetration that the Deluxe does!

MiTAMA Deluxe is the offspring of the Blue Onyx—the essence of the professional modality that fits into the palm of your hand. Simple, effective, and only 20 minutes 1-2 times per week. There’s no downtime when using the microcurrent.
This deluxe model combines repair and renew modes to lift, detox, rejuvenate, and rebuild your skin and supporting structures—giving you the ultimate face lift without the surgery, and minimizing your wrinkles and fine lines without injections or fillers. The personal MiTAMA device mirrors the body’s own electrical and magnetic realms to keep your skin radiant, lifted, and smooth in between your appointments.





Smart technology requires no setup—switch it on, relax, and the MiTAMA stops at the end of the treatment


All who order a MiTAMA device receive my virtual coaching as a TAMA Ambassador expert on how to use the device, what products to use and not to use with the device and other pro tips. I have been using TAMA devices for over 6 years professionally and personally and know how to get you the best results!

Customer Care
The MiTAMA device is built in the USA and supported by a one year warranty

Non-invasive and clinically proven

No downtime
Safe, hygienic and effortless
Holistic age management
Unparalleled result
No risk of infection or scarring
Natural, younger- looking results
Once a week, hands free treatment

Compact design

Pocket size device is specifically designed to fulfill any skincare needs, whether in the comfort of your home, office, traveling, or during a mid afternoon break. A must-have for your beauty upkeep, wherever life takes you.

No discount code is available for this purchase. This device can only be sold to licensed professionals.

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