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Fall in Love with Masks

Fall in Love with Masks

It’s the season for masks! How many masks do you have? I love masks and use several every single week. Seriously, every season should be mask season! 

Before I was an esthetician, I thought skincare masks were frivolous. Honestly, there are so many masks on the market. Few of them have any redeeming value and yet marketing makes you think otherwise. I decided to share the masks that are in my magic bag of tricks. These can be used at home and are so very therapeutic!

My Favorite Sheet Mask

Let’s start with my very favorite sheet mask developed by Bel Mondo and Oncology Spa Solutions. This was designed for oncology clients so they have eliminated all the toxic ingredients that so many sheet mask have! It is always important to look at what a product doesn’t contain as well as what it does have in that formulation. Be wary of ingredients like artificial fragrance, essential oils, synthetic dyes and more that can cause irritation or a reaction. 

This moisture renewal sheet mask is made of bio cellulose fabric which has been used in the medical arena for years for burn patients. The bio cellulose fabric just clings to your skin like a second skin. It soothes and hydrates like no other mask.

This mask can be used with the MiTAMA device, which of course just amplifies its results as that hydration is really penetrated into the skin, however this mask definitely still gets phenomenal results if used alone. I use this mask at least once a week, mostly twice!  This mask can be used by anyone.

Pro Tips:

  • Take this mask when traveling! Your skin gets super dehydrated from the plane and changing climates can really mess up your skin. I always throw a couple of these into my carry on!  (Also note the savings when you purchase a dozen or more. 😉 These masks make terrific 🎁!)
  • I cut off the eye lid mask portion and put that over my lips! 👄
  • Click here for the Bel Mondo Moisture Renewal Masks.

My Favorite Sulfur Mask

The sulfur mask by Roccoco Botanicals is what I like to call a twofer! You get a mask and an enzyme in one treatment! This mask is perfect for oily, acne prone and congested skin. For my skin type, I personally only use it every once in a while, but it can be used up to twice a week.

The sulfur is nondrying. This is so important since acne can leave scars when using products that dry out the skin. The ‘let’s dry out the acne’ is a very old school thinking. This idea leads to scarring as hydration is what helps skin to heal without scarring.

This mask will smooth out your skin nicely and it calms down the inflammation from acne. It reduces the scarring by refining the skin thru enzymatic activity. The enzymes only digest the already dead cells and work on healing the red and brown marks due to acne.

Pro Tip:

  • I like to layer this sulfur mask over the Purifying Treatment Essence by Roccoco Botanicals. I put it on before I jump into a shower as the steam will help keep the enzymes activated. Rinse off and wipe thoroughly with a facial cloth. My clients call this the Incredible Hulk mask.
  • Click here for the Roccoco Sulfur Mask.

My Favorite Hydration Mask

The Hydration Mask by Roccoco Botanicals is a lovely mask that can be used by any skin type. It is very calming and cooling.  Great for acne and rosacea, it calms and hydrates sensitive skin.  Its calming, soothing and super hydrating qualities also make it perfect for fragile, menopausal skin types. You can use this mask on your face, neck and décolleté. Leave on for 10-15 minutes and then rinse off.

Pro tip:

  • Use this mask as an overnight mask😴. Place a light layer over your serums and moisturizer and it will act like a film to lock in your hydration for the night. You will wake up with super hydrated skin! This prevents night time water loss, which happens to us all!  You can do this a couple times a week.
  • You can also use Roccoco Botanicals CPR layered over on the other nights.
  • Click here for the Roccoco Hydration Mask.

My Favorite Brightening Mask

Pearl Brightening Mask by Roccoco Botanicals is fabulous for pigmented and uneven skin tone types or someone who just wants a good brightening! This mask is super creamy and luxuriant. Leave on for 10-15 minutes. Rinse well and use a facial cloth to remove.

Pro Tip:

My Favorite Peptide Mask 

Roccoco Botanicals Peptide Sheet Mask is an award winning sheet mask that is great at restoring the skin barrier. It is soothing, calming and plumps up the skin.  It also has these great ear loops to keep the mask in place!

My Favorite Lip Mask

Fitglowbeauty 3-in-1 Lip Scrub Mask a delicious organic lip mask plus scrub that takes only a few minutes to have soft, smooth 👄 lips. Use the flat end of the applicator to scoop out a little scrub. You can use the silver part of the applicator to massage the mask/ scrub into the lips.  Rinse mask off.

Pro Tip:

  • Follow with the night lip serum or one of the colored lip serums by Fitglowbeauty.
  • Click here for the 3-in-1 Lip Scrub Mask.

My Favorite Hand Mask

Patchology Perfect 10 Hand Mask means it’s time to give those overworked, tired, dried out, chapped hands and cuticles a treat! Use the self-warming mists and they will lock in your body heat to help the ingredients melt into your skin. This leaves your hands rejuvenated, soft and hydrated. Leave in for 10 minutes or longer.

My Favorite Foot Mask

Patchology Best Foot Forward is great if your feet are in need of some pampering! And whose feet don’t need some extra love?  Using the self-warming booties infused with coconut oil and shea butter will turn those tired, cracked feet into 🧈 butter! Leave on for 10 minutes or longer.

Pro Tips:

  • Going to watch a movie at home? Put the Best Foot Forward booties on your feet first and then put the Perfect 10 mitts on your hands and really give your hands and feet a fabulous treat. These kits also make fabulous 🎁.
  • Save $ by purchasing the Best in Snow Kit which has both the foot and hand masks! Very giftable! Click here.
  • Click here for the Best Foot Forward Foot Mask.