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Summer Makeup: Tips to Keep Your Makeup from Melting off Your Face

Summer Makeup: Tips to Keep Your Makeup from Melting off Your Face

It’s HOT! Are you finding it challenging to keep your makeup from sliding off your face during these sweltering summer months?

Let me, a licensed esthetician, guide you with your summer makeup. Here are some great pro tips to keep you looking healthy and glowing all day long.

Make Sure Your Skin is Properly Prepped

It all starts with the cleansing. My favorite skin cleanser is the Ruby Crystal Cleanser by Roccoco Botanicals. It is perfect for any skin type. It removes all dirt and debris without disrupting the skin barrier.

Next up is Mist Me from Hale and Hush to give the skin excellent hydration. It’s perfect for any skin type and can be used throughout the day for hydration.

To Moisturize or Not To Moisturize

Believe it or not, your skin can get just as dry in the summer as it can in the winter. Sun exposure, air conditioning, chlorine, salty ocean water, and all of that sweating dries out the skin. So, even in summer, follow up your cleansing with a well formulated light moisturizer like AnteAGE or MDAire Hydrator Barrier Repair. Both can be used by any skin type.

This moisturizer can be topped off with Roccoco Botanicals Peptide Serum that holds in hydration. It acts like a primer for your makeup and works for any skin type.

Another tip is to use the AM Replenish by Tizo. This product is an SPF that also acts like a primer. I just love products that have multiple uses!

Summer Makeup - Foundation

Summertime is not the time for heavy foundations! Summer makeup should be light. Try using a light-weight liquid foundation like Refresh from Elate Beauty. Another option is the Skin Repair Cushion. This is an SPF with tint that gives the skin an almost photo finish look.

Yet another option is the Suntegrity SPF. This product is also tinted and is like a BB (Beauty Balm) cream.

Acne Safe Options

While the above three options are fabulous, they are not acne safe summer makeup options.

For acne safe options, try using AM Replenish from Tizo with a drop or two of Mirabella Invincible Liquid Foundation to make your own acne-safe BB cream.

Another acne safe option is the Pressed Powder by Elate Beauty. Or combine the Kinfield Sunglow SPF with some of the Elate Beauty Glow Unify Powder for a very light, natural look.

Summer Eyes

Eyeshadows can crease and smudge during the summer heat so try the Cream Eyeshadows by Elate Beauty.  Cream products tend to work better on the skin in the summer versus powdered shadows.

Let’s talk mascara choices! Elate Beauty Essential Mascara is water and sweat resistant and comes in true black and brown. Perfect for the most sensitive eyes and it is vegan. Or try Good Lash by Fitglowbeauty, a semi-waterproof vegan mascara. I have this in navy, which is a perfect color for summer! There is also Mirabella Lasting Lash, a waterproof, gluten-free mascara that is a fabulous!

Summer Blush

Elate Beauty has blush balms that are multi use. They can be applied to the cheeks, lips and eyes. These are beautifully pigmented and perfect to keep skin looking dewy. I love that you can use your fingers to apply these to the skin.  But, please be aware that these are not acne safe!

For acne prone skin, I highly recommend the Pressed Powder Blushes from Elate Beauty. These can also be used on the cheeks and the eyes.

Don’t Forget the Lips!

For the lips, I like to keep it light for the summer and I have a few recommendations. Elate Beauty has Lip Crayons that are super moisturizing and nicely pigmented.  They are made with vitamin E, rice bran oil and coconut oil so use caution is you are prone to acne around the lips or chin.

Elate also has Better Balms that regenerates and rehydrates your lips with carrot root oil and rosehip seed oil; plus they are rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins. I actually like to combine the crayons with the better balm.

Lastly, the Night Lip Serum and Lip Color Serums from Fitglowbeauty are other fabulous choices for lip color and repair the lips.  They have great color choices to give your lips a gorgeous glossy pout but they also hydrate, soften, and transform the lips with pomegranate plant sterols, ceramides and antioxidants.

Summer Make-up Take-Away

If you decide that you need a setting spray then Bullet Proof by Mirabella is excellent and acne safe! It’s a great way to help your makeup stay in the summer heat.

Just always remember: Less is more! You are beautiful with or without makeup!  Be original and have fun with makeup…don’t try to look like someone else. Be your gorgeous self!